5S Funny Farm

Beef That Tastes Better

High-Quality Angus Beef

Once you taste our high-quality, all-natural, locally raised Angus beef available in our meat market or online, you’ll never return to grocery store meats again.

Other Meats

5S Funny Farm offers high-quality, all-natural, steroid and hormone-free pork, lamb, and goat meat.

Fresh Produce

5S Funny Farm offers farm-fresh, locally grown produce for a daily farm-to-table dining experience.

Farm Services

Whether you own or lease land, 5S Funny Farm offers custom baling and pasture maintenance services.

At 5S Funny Farm, we are more than just a meat market.

We are a family-run farm that brings something different to your table, your family, and our community.

Our locally raised all-natural steroid and hormone-free Angus beef is more than a product to us, it’s family and it’s a lifestyle. Yours and ours.

Same goes for our other meats; pork, lamb, and goat.
When you serve our delicious all-natural steroid and hormone-free Angus beef, you provide your family with a high-quality farm-to-table dining experience. No reading through long ingredient lists with items you can’t pronounce. Our all-natural steroid and hormone-free Angus beef has only one ingredient.


We take no shortcuts in the work we put into perfecting our beef. All of our meats are processed humanely in a fully USDA plant, where it is then vacuum sealed and flash-frozen for maximum freshness and flavor. Because our Angus cattle live on our family farm, we can control what they’re fed, which ensures the tastiest farm-to-table experience for your family.

That’s why our beef tastes better.

We pride ourselves on giving you the best quality experience whether you shop with us online or visit our meat market in person. Our handcrafted approach to our work allows us to interact with our customers, helping them to decide the best cuts of meat for their needs and even how to prepare it.

So join the family. Stop by our meat market today and enjoy all-natural, farm-to-table Angus beef tonight.


You deserve beef that tastes better.