5S Funny Farm is a family-run farm offering the best quality all-natural steroid and hormone-free Angus beef for your family.

High-Quality Angus Beef

At 5S Funny Farm, we are more than just a meat market. We are a family-run farm offering all-natural, top-quality all-natural steroid and hormone-free Angus beef raised locally on our farm in Hallsville, Texas.

Not everyone needs a side of beef, and that’s okay.

At our meat market, we’ll get to know you and your family’s needs so we can provide you with the best cuts of our high-quality, locally raised beef. We can even help you with ways to cook and use your Angus beef.

Once you taste our high-quality, all-natural, locally raised Angus beef available in our meat market or online, you’ll never return to grocery store meats again.

Other Meats

At 5S Funny Farm, we also offer pork, lamb, and goat.

Like our beef, these meats are raised locally on our farm using no chemicals.

Our animals are all steroid and antibiotic-free to provide your family with the best quality and best-tasting cuts of meat.

Fresh Produce

5S Funny Farm offers farm-fresh, locally grown produce for a daily farm-to-table dining experience.

Unlike supermarket shelves stocked with produce that traveled for days and sometimes weeks, our farm-fresh produce is fresh from the field.

Additionally, our locally-grown food is picked at peak ripeness, supplying the sweetest berries and the juiciest tomatoes for your next barbecue.

Farm Services

Whether you own or lease land, 5S Funny Farm offers haying-related services such as aeration, custom baling, pasture mowing, or a complete hand-off of land management so you can enjoy the benefits of country living and ag exemption without all of the work.

We can even repair any damage done to your pasture by feral hogs.